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Here’s the thing: Sometimes I am totally and completely done with being defined by the fact that I have a vagina.

Can I simply be a person with private parts that cannot be touched by anyone without my explicit permission?

Can I not simply be a person who has autonomy over my body and what does and does not happen to it?

Why does having my reproductive parts inside my body somehow equate who I am?

At my most basic terms, I am a person, a human being, and to treat me as less because of my physical make-up is beyond ridiculous. As a person, I am worth being cared for and about; I should have the same rights as any other person.

More to that, the fact that I have to be labeled in order to trigger your sympathy, in order to be heard, in explanation as to why something happened to me, is horrendous. It should not matter that I could be your sister or wife, that there are parents that call me their daughter, or that I, myself, might have children of my own. I should not have to be a sister, but a sibling. I should not have to be a daughter, but a descendant. I should not have to be a wife, but a partner. I should not have to be a mother, but a parent. I should not have to be a woman, but a person. Or I could be. I should have the right to choose my labels, be it sister, daughter, wife, mother, or woman.

The point is – if having these woman specific labels is the only way to get your attention then you are a part of the problem. For the sake of all human beings out there, please re-educate yourself.

The end.
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