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So this is Christmas...

I slept like shit last night. My hips really hurt by the time we got home from family memorial Christmas Eve in Tacoma, so that automatically made me think the baby was going to come on Christmas, almost a full month too early (though, really, it would be fine at this point). Basically, I woke every few hours and not because I had to pee. Always some other dream of someone getting hurt or being unwilling to cooperate or something, anything generally upsetting. No dreaming of Santa Claus or exciting presents to be opened today, just worry and anxiety... with a dash of my newest round of cough and cold (can I not be sick, please, Universe...? Merry Christmas to me...?).

So I got up this morning to let Jenny out and tried to play with her outside. It's so cold, even she is refusing. So here we are, the only two awake in this house on Christmas day. Baby #2 is probably pissed I'm moving about so early, but simply grumbled and fallen back asleep.

I really hope today I can stay in the present. This is our last Christmas just us three. Not that Baby #2 isn't reminding me it still exists, kicking me and rollling around. Such an active baby. I am worried for the future. Anyway, Arri did well opening presents with Nick's family last night, so I hope she'll be just as participatory for Christmas with my parents! Jebus - it's a marathon, so I hope she's ready!

And... that's a wrap. Aurelia just woke up. Life as a parent.

Happy Christmas, everyone.

the end.
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