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And now, he is two.

It feels like only yesterday I wrote something about Aurelia turning five, and here I am to say...

Henry is now two.

I don’t even know how that’s possible.

I have been trying to figure out what to write about Henry. But I find myself thinking of the things he does that makes me so grateful he is in our lives.

His smile is infectious. There is no hiding his pure happiness. He shows it freely, unabashed, when he sees a train, when he’s being dragged on a blanket around the house, when I say we can watch Magic School Bus, when he hears one of his favorite songs, when he’s playing in the snow, out comes that magical smile and it makes my heart soar.

He absolutely wants to do and say everything Aurelia does. A lot of times I know she does not want him to, finds it annoying and intrusive, but what she doesn’t see is how much her brother wants to be with her, be like her. With me being a younger sibling, I understand that feeling so keenly and know what that means is how much he loves and adores her. The way he calls her name when they play, and says “goodnight sister”, it is all these little things. Gosh, I hope their friendship grows.

He shows love to others liberally. For example, we have had the worst two weeks of snow storms, but it has been marvelous watching the kids play. Nick and the kids made a snowman, and when it was time to go inside, he gave the snowman a hug and kiss goodbye. ::cue heart melting:: He always runs in for hugs and kisses. He gets so excited to see his family and friends. If he plays a little rough and accidentally hurts you, he is quick to say sorry and give you a hug and kiss. His heart is big and open; I hope it never changes.

He says “thank you, you’re welcome” when you give him things. He does the cutest, super cheesy, one eye squinty smile. He loves to sing songs and read stories. Is it a plane, train, car, or truck? He’ll take them all, “please, thank you, you’re welcome”. He loves to help, whenever we give him the chance. His stuffed animals are Charlie the dog, Everett the elephant, and Totoro. He still loves his “paci”. He will eat carrots in all forms, every fruit he tastes, takes the daintiest bites of a cookie and cake, and for the love - never leave him unsupervised with a bowl of rice.

Henry is a little ray of sunshine. How lucky am I to be given so much light.

Happy birthday, my Henry.

the end.
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